We are based in the UK, and all orders will be sent from the UK. The German Wehrmacht minifigure and  custom sets are designed by me, Ruibin Zhang, a researcher in the Materials department of Sheffield University, UK.

As a Lego® and WW2 fan, I used to search for bricks all over the world to build my MOC when I was still a student. However, I found it difficult to build an army from Lego® bricks since some parts are rare and expensive (plus the international postage fee). I even bought the red motorcycle tops (85983) and painted them to gray to build the German motorcycle.

Once when I was travelling in China, I occasionally saw my nephew playing some Chinese brand bricks, which look similar to Lego®. However I realized that most of them are copying the sets of Lego, which I personally quite despise. I bought some sets only to recycle their bricks to build MOC. I found some of them are of surprisingly good quality and totally compatible with Lego. Then I read that the patent of Lego® has long expired and the manufacturing of basic bricks is legal. Thus I located the top quality brands in China and started to order more. 

I create vehicle models in scale according to the their blueprints and fitting the scale of Lego minifigures. I also follow the rule of lego: only use bricks with the same geometry of Lego bricks and never bypass building difficulty by using cheating bricks that Lego doesn’t have. 

Later I started to sell my MOC on Ebay as Littlebricker. I found it quite satisfying when others enjoyed my design, which encouraged me to develop more sets.  My aim is to build all the famous vehicles used in WW2. I started from German vehicles as most of my bricks are gray. I’ll order green bricks in the future and build the allied vehicles.

Somewhere in Kyoto

Figure: this is how I determined the ratio of Panzer 3 and designed the brick model.

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