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WW2 US infantry soldier rifle man minifigure in M1943 uniform

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• The minifigure comes with a  painted M1 Garand rifle, a M1 helmet and an ammo belt.

• The body is printed with the US M1943 uniform.

• The minifigure is pat-printed.

• It’s not a Lego minifigure.





The M-1943 uniform came into service in the early half of World War II. It begin widespread use in the Army in the summer of 1944 and then in the European Theater in the Fall of 1944.  Since then this uniform eventually saw use by both Army and Marines: historic photos can be found of GIs wearing the M43 field jacket in the frigid Battle of the Bulge, and also by Marines wearing them in the Pacific.

The uniform was designed as a layered system, meant to be worn over the wool shirt and trouser and in conjunction with a wool sweater and liners in colder weather. The most recognizable part of the uniform is the standardized M-1943 Field Jacket. It was longer than the earlier 1941 Field Jacket, coming down to the upper thighs. It was made of windproof cotton sateen; most were issued in a new darker olive drab color (OD7). The jacket also had a detachable hood, drawstring waist, two large angled breast pockets, and two lower skirt pockets.The jacket was so successful that it was mass produced with only minor modifications as with the M1950 and M1951 field jackets which were used during the Korean conflict.

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